Ductless HVAC Services In Ogden, UT

Ductless HVAC Services in Ogden, UT, and Surrounding Areas

Ductless AC systems are an efficient way to cool a home or commercial space. When you choose a ductless system for your facility, it is important that you maintain the system through performing regular ductless service. Contact Fremont Heating & Air Conditioning INC for superior ductless services in Ogden to ensure that it is in good working order and capable of maintaining your building or home at a comfortable temperature.

Signs Your Ductless AC Needs A Service

Your ductless system is susceptible to various issues like any other large appliance. With regular maintenance, a ductless system can typically last up to 20 years. Your AC wears out and becomes damaged over time. If your ductless system is getting close to the end of its useful life, you might also be dealing with more issues.  Early detection and repair of issues will increase the likelihood that your system will function properly. Here are some issues to lookout for if you want to stay safe and comfortable throughout the year.

  • Fluids Leaking 

Your ductless system should never leak liquids, but if it does, the source of the leak could be refrigerant. Your system contains refrigerant, which it uses to distribute cool air throughout your house. Refrigeration should never be handled by anyone except a professional, as it may be extremely dangerous to your health if not handled properly! It is essential to notice these problems early on before they become more major and costly repairs.

  • Ice Buildup

Ice may accumulate on your air conditioner’s outside components. This is frequently caused by a clogged filter, a refrigerant leak, or even a dirty evaporator coil. Call us for ductless service in Ogden immediately to determine the problem’s source, as many of them might permanently harm your ductless unit.

  • Not Working Efficiently

Your ductless system’s efficiency steadily decreases. It might be time for a service if you notice that your ductless system is cycling more frequently to keep up with system demands.

  • Unusual Sounds

It might be necessary to repair if your ductless system suddenly starts making loud or strange noises. If several different moving parts are damaged from the inside, they can generate noises. Squealing is a sign that the fan motor belt might be malfunctioning. A refrigerant leak could be the cause of a hissing sound.

  •  Lack of Heat

It may seem obvious, but your mini-split heating system needs urgent repair if you can’t feel any heat. A clogged air filter or an electrical issue could be the issue. The best action is to call an HVAC technician if your ductless system isn’t adequately conditioning your home.

Ductless AC Servicing

Fortunately, ductless systems require less maintenance than other HVAC systems, but do require ductless repairs on occasion. Our ductless services in Ogden, UT, can help ensure that your ductless system is restored to working order as soon as possible.

Whatever heating and cooling system you choose for your home, it is essential to obtain the necessary services to keep it in working order. Contact Fremont Heating & Air Conditioning INC today for our ductless services for your cooling and heating system! You can call us at (801) 920-6377.

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